Fitted Wardrobes

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Envisage waking up and opening the doors to a bespoke fitted wardrobes that has been created to your precise needs. Imagine having enough hanging space; as much, or as little, shelving space as you like; drawers in a size and shape that guarantees you can store all your belongings, and all in one unit. With a built-in bespoke wardrobe, the options are unlimited.

Integrated shoe racks, hidden safes, pull out desks – our team of highly skilled carpenters can create the wardrobe of your dreams! Built-in wardrobes not only offer you more home storage space, they can also transform the look of your room.

Made to measure wardrobes, when built-in properly, can also benefit your home interior design. This is particularly true for rooms with inadequate space or those that are not planned to incorporate additional, free-standing furniture pieces. Contact us today to learn more about how our bespoke storage joiners in Southport can meet all your specific needs.

Customers reviews

The quality of the product is excellent and very professional throughout the process. They gave us good ideas and executed on their promises.
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Adam Sendler
The product and service is more than what we'd hoped for for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended to everyone.
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Mila Kunis
They left my property extremely clean and tidy and did everything to a really high standard. Excellent work by and excellent company thanks Marc
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Mike Clarke
Support Worker
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