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Do you have an  uncomfortable room layout challenging your home expansion dreams? No problem! Even the most complicated or quirky layout can unlock possibility for a beautiful, bespoke built-in cupboard. A made-to-fit storage unit can convert an uncomfortable layout in even the smallest of rooms. While pre-made furniture will fail to fit your space smartly or stylishly, a fitted cupboard is a useful storage solution that is both visually attractive and efficient. 

Whether it’s a corner unit, alcove cupboard, floor to ceiling, or wall-to-wall structure, a bespoke fitted cupboard is one of the most cost-effective and useful storage solutions that you will ever add to your home or office.

At first choice joinery, quality is extremely essential to us, which is why our carpenters can advise on the best materials for your unit and ensure they are completed to complement your home or office space.

Customers reviews
The quality of the product is excellent and very professional throughout the process. They gave us good ideas and executed on their promises.
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Adam Sendler
The product and service is more than what we'd hoped for for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended to everyone.
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Mila Kunis
They left my property extremely clean and tidy and did everything to a really high standard. Excellent work by and excellent company thanks Marc
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Mike Clarke
Support Worker
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